The Helvest journal

More FAQ on externally powered decoders

Customers like the flexibility of the externally powered decoder, thanks to the DCC100-E module. Here we provide some additional information on the questions we are most frequently asked. 1. what is the criterion for choosing between an external power supply … Read More

Should we be concerned about the polarisation of switch coils?

Should we be concerned about the polarisation of switch coils? A subject that sometimes comes up when talking about point coils is that of polarisation. This obscure phenomenon worries modellers, often frightened by the “expert” friend who has sometimes heard … Read More

Switching of Märklin* C turnouts with Helvest decoder.

Märklin* C turnout switch with Helvest decoder. Even if you prefer the three-rail system, you don’t have to be satisfied with just an ordinary decoder! You can take advantage of the benefits of the Helvest system as well with Märklin* … Read More

Driving Kato turnouts with Helvest decoder

Driving Kato turnouts with Helvest decoder The Kato turnouts * are very popular among N scale users, and can be operated with a Helvest decoder for your digital layout. These turnouts have a rather peculiar movement, with a coil driven … Read More

Two options for powering accessory decoders

Two options for powering accessory decoders What does it mean to “power” a decoder? Electronic devices, as you know, work with electricity flowing through wires. But these wires are not all the same. In most devices, including model railway decoders, … Read More

The tricks of the SM400 servo module

The tricks of the SM400 servo module Following the Helvest philosophy, we have introduced some innovations in the SM400 servo module to make its operation more realistic and to eliminate some drawbacks that model railroaders sometimes encounter when using these … Read More

New KB800 pushbutton module

New KB800 pushbutton module KB800 is the novelty that allows you to combine your digital DCC station with your beautiful and practical analogue control panel. Do you want to combine the opportunities of digital with an analogue control panel? Maybe … Read More

The SM400 servo module

The SM400 servo module The Helvest range is now enriched by a module for the control of servo motors. These are widely used in model railway construction to move points, but also level crossings, doors and various other devices. SM400 … Read More

How to separately power Helvest accessory decoders

The separate power supply for DCC decoders Digital decoders for accessories (signals, points and whatever else is mounted on the model railway) need two things to work: Power to supply their circuit, and instructions from the DCC command station to … Read More

Switching time of turnouts in Helvest decoders

With Helvest turnout decoders you can set the time precisely and easily. Find out how! … Read More