MVnet is finally a reality! On 1 December 2023, the innovative network for your model railway is available.

What is MVNET

MVnet is a network designed to make electronics easier to use. it connects your model railway’s fixed devices directly to the PC without going through the control unit. Its advantages are: it is powerful, versatile and very easy to use: it is a modern protocol, where devices configure themselves and are easily managed via the app. In this it differs from other networks currently in use, whose design is a few decades old.

Who MVnet is suitable for

For all those who want to manage switches, signals, train position detection, and all other accessories via PC.

Soon it will be possible to realise small automations without a computer or control unit!

The LocHaus software

The LocHaus app is the app that allows you to manage MVnet: it is graphic and simple. And, secretly, without you having to do anything, it does the most important thing: it ‘translates’ MVnet for your model railway management software. This makes MVnet usable with almost any software!

PROMO Start Set

In the kit section of the Swiss shop and the EU shop you will find an unrepeatable offer: the MVnet start set at a special promotional price, in a very limited series!

And if you still have doubts?

Just write to us! We’ll help you choose!

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