The firmware version of HP100

The firmware of HP100 The HP100 motherboard is the “brain” of the Helvest Flex system. Its great flexibility allows it to accommodate the new Layout and Net modules as they come onto the market from time to time. At the … Read More

Switching of Märklin* C turnouts with Helvest decoder.

Märklin* C turnout switch with Helvest decoder. Even if you prefer the three-rail system, you don’t have to be satisfied with just an ordinary decoder! You can take advantage of the benefits of the Helvest system as well with Märklin* … Read More

Two options for powering accessory decoders

Two options for powering accessory decoders What does it mean to “power” a decoder? Electronic devices, as you know, work with electricity flowing through wires. But these wires are not all the same. In most devices, including model railway decoders, … Read More