Helvest Flex

simplify your hobby, innovate your fun!

A very simple system

Each decoder consists of three parts: - the HP100 motherboard, which is the base. - the NET module, which communicates with the digital control unit or the PC (for the moment, only the DCC protocol is available) - one or two Layout modules, to drive point motors or signals.

To assemble the decoder, just connect the three modules... and that' s it!

The accessories connect to the Layout modules, the DCC connects to the HP100 card. You are ready to have fun with your digital model railroad.

Why choose the Helvest Flex system?

It is much easier to use than other solutions on the market: once the Layout modules have been chosen, the decoder is automatically configured. Programming operations are simplified. Decoders can be modified at low cost by changing only the necessary modules. You optimise costs, because you configure the decoder according to your needs. In the future, you can easily update the software at home to adapt it to new technologies. It is environmentally friendly because the modular system reduces electronic waste.

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