How to easily program DCC decoders via LocHaus

MVnet and LocHaus are the innovative system that makes it easy to configure and control your model railway network via your computer. But if you prefer the traditional DCC system, you can also use LocHaus to program a decoder and … Read More

FAQ about MVnet

During these months of waiting, many model railway enthusiasts have written to us asking about this innovative product. We think it would be useful to report some frequently asked questions: MVnet is a network for managing accessories: it can connect … Read More

How to connect LocHaus and your layout management software

The MVnet-LocHaus system: Innovation without constraints MVnet and LocHaus are designed to make the management of your model railway’s electronics simpler, more powerful, versatile and reliable. At the same time, we don’t want to offer you a “closed” system, as … Read More


MVnet is finally a reality! On 1 December 2023, the innovative network for your model railway is available. What is MVNET MVnet is a network designed to make electronics easier to use. it connects your model railway’s fixed devices directly … Read More

Digitalising old Märklin signals

We at Helvest always try to bring you the latest technology, and this must also apply to fans of ‘vintage’ products. In this context, we have produced this kit MSK10, which will be available by the end of 2023, to … Read More

How are the KB800 and KB800-L programmed in DCC?

The push-button modules are an interesting application of the modular concept at the heart of the Helvest FleX system, and have received considerable interest. In fact, with this module it is possible to control accessories not only digitally, but also … Read More

The firmware version of HP100

The firmware of HP100 The HP100 motherboard is the “brain” of the Helvest Flex system. Its great flexibility allows it to accommodate the new Layout and Net modules as they come onto the market from time to time. At the … Read More

Reliability in programming DCC decoders

With digital systems, and even more so with accessory decoders, it is essential that everything works perfectly. If an accessory does not switch, or a decoder does not work as intended, it can create serious repercussions for the ‘service’ in … Read More

The simplicity of connecting and managing MVnet

The MVnet network will surprise you with how easy it is to configure. As you know by now, we believe that electronics should be simple and intuitive to use, without the need to read instruction manuals dozens of pages long. … Read More

Connection of Helvest decoders to Roco control units

The Roco Z21 is one of the most popular power stations, but it has some peculiarities that create doubts for users when using accessory decoders. We would like to clarify them here once again. The DCC protocol has been interpreted … Read More