Digitalising old Märklin signals

We at Helvest always try to bring you the latest technology, and this must also apply to fans of ‘vintage’ products.

In this context, we have produced this kit MSK10, which will be available by the end of 2023, to digitise the old and very popular Märklin light signals of type 7188.

The kit makes it possible to transform the signal to LEDs, so that it can be easily managed digitally with Helvest ES400 modules.

Let’s see how you can, with this kit, upgrade your signal in just a few minutes.

1. remove the grey cover from the electromagnetic coil (it is press-fitted)

2. Remove the plate that holds the bulbs in place by turning the screw. Remove the bulbs and the wires going to the coil. You can cut them, you won’t need them any more.

3. Remove the handrail, again unscrewing the appropriate screw.

4. Remove the signal from its base, acting on the screw indicated by the red arrow in the picture.

5. Now pick up the MKS10 circuit

6. Insert the wires into the guide where the wires previously ran to the bulbs.

7. Mount the board so that the two LEDs occupy the place of the bulbs. The green should be at the top, the red at the bottom

8. Screw the base to the frame with the original screw. Replace the handrail you removed in step 3.

9. Your signal is ready. You may reassemble it on its metal plate, or attach it in any other way.

10. The signal can be connected to an ES400 module. The blue wire goes into the COM terminal, the black wires supply the two lights and go into outputs 1A/1B, or 2A/2B, etc.

Not only digital

This kit will not only work with a digital decoder: it can also be used in analogue. For example, it can be used to repair faulty signals, to upgrade them with more modern technology, or to eliminate the unsightly grey coil box at the base.
Or any other use that your imagination suggests!

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