Reliability in programming DCC decoders

With digital systems, and even more so with accessory decoders, it is essential that everything works perfectly. If an accessory does not switch, or a decoder does not work as intended, it can create serious repercussions for the ‘service’ in … Read More

Connection of Helvest decoders to Roco control units

The Roco Z21 is one of the most popular power stations, but it has some peculiarities that create doubts for users when using accessory decoders. We would like to clarify them here once again. The DCC protocol has been interpreted … Read More

Which Roco* switches can I operate with Helvest decoders?

Many customers ask us which Roco* switches can be operated with Helvest decoders. We would like to remind you that all switches that we support (and which appear in the “Configurator” section of the website) have been thoroughly tested in … Read More

Two options for powering accessory decoders

Two options for powering accessory decoders What does it mean to “power” a decoder? Electronic devices, as you know, work with electricity flowing through wires. But these wires are not all the same. In most devices, including model railway decoders, … Read More