Helvest for the environment

Help us enjoy model railroading without affecting nature!

Any human activity can be harmful to the environment if it is not carried out in a responsible manner and Helvest is very attentive to this problem. We consider a priority to ensure that what we produce and the way we work is sustainable.

We wish to ensure that you can enjoy yourself with the confidence that the environment is protected.

Design and materials

In addition to complying with environmental regulations in terms of polluting or toxic materials, all our products have electromagnetic emission levels 100 to 500 times below the maximum standards required by law.

We use only the materials strictly necessary, which is why our electronic boards are not enclosed in plastic cases.

External packaging: only certified paper!

We aim not to introduce new plastics and unnecessary chemicals into the environment. The product boxes do not contain plastic and are made of FSC paper, i.e. from forests that are regenerated and managed with respect for local populations. Recycling paper cuts down some less trees, but generates a significant overall pollution due to the chemical processes required for recycling.

Padding materials: Neither recyclable plastic nor recycled! Symply reused!

Padding in packaging is a great source of waste, and unfortunately only a small percentage of plastic is actually recycled.

We receive a large amount of packaging from our suppliers. Instead of disposing of it, and introducing new padding plastics into the ecosystem, we use these materials for product packaging and shipping. Our effort to adapt the materials is offset by zero impact from our packaging. We do not introduce new plastic into the ecosystem.

Programmed obsolescence? An obsolete concept!

Electronic products are almost always designed to have a limited life cycle. That’s not the case for ours! Thanks to the modular system, almost all faults can be repaired by replacing only the damaged part. In addition, the ability to update the firmware in the future ensures that it can be kept in line with the latest developments at all times.

Waste don’t exists!

Our products do not have an autonomous function, i.e. each of them is part of a system composed of numerous devices.

Helvest proposes a revolution that goes beyond the concept of “waste”. We do not want the consumer to decide that one of these products should be thrown away, but the manufacturer.

When something is no longer needed, or no longer works, don’t throw it away: re-send it to us. We will analyse it and, if possible, we will repair it and put it on the market as a refurbished used product.

With this innovative management system we aim to reduce the number of products actually sent for disposal by 90% compared to equivalent products!