Switching of Märklin* C turnouts with Helvest decoder.

Märklin* C turnout switch with Helvest decoder.

Even if you prefer the three-rail system, you don’t have to be satisfied with just an ordinary decoder! You can take advantage of the benefits of the Helvest system as well with Märklin* C turnouts.

These turnouts can be controlled by an EMW400 module. For a decoder with 4 turnouts you will need

– a HP100 motherboard

– a DCC100 or DCC100-E reader module (see below).

– an EMW400 module.

If you want to order up to 8 turnouts, you need to add a second EMW400 module.

The connections are very simple: the yellow wire of each switch should be connected to the common COM terminal.

The blue wires of each switch should be connected to the corresponding outputs: 1A and 1B, 2A and 2B, etc. as shown in the picture.

So far, the modules only work with the DCC protocol, but Märklin control units can easily drive the accessories with DCC, so the functions can be fully utilised

An important tip: If you have a large layout, we suggest you use the DCC100-E module and supply the decoder separately from the DCC (more information here).
In this case, please note that Märklin coils need at least 16 V voltage.

As always, operation has been thoroughly tested by hundreds of thousands of switching operations.

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