The KB800-L module and the possibility to create a control panel .

The KB800-L module and the possibility to create a control panel .

Among the new products from Helvest that will be launched in the coming months, the first is the KB800-L module, which is expected to be available in January.


KB800-L is a further development of the already well-known and popular KB800 module, i.e. an innovative module that enables simultaneous control of accessories via the command station and via buttons as with a control panel. As many users of the Helvest system know, you can easily couple a KB800 module and a module of any other type on the same HP100. To the KB800 you connect the buttons, to the other module the accessories that are to be moved. Pressing the buttons thus activates the corresponding accessories, which can also be activated remotely with the control unit.


What is special about the KB800-L? The possibility of connecting LEDs or lights in addition to the buttons to indicate the status of the accessories. For example, you can have a light in the control panel that shows which direction the turnout is turned, or the status of the signals. With KB800-L, for each output there is a connection for a signal lamp that indicates exactly that this output has been activated.

With KB800-L, a signal lamp is connected for each output to indicate that the respective output has been activated.

In the illustration below you can see an example of a turnout with two backlit buttons: one with a green light for the main track, the other with a red light for the branch track.


The switch can therefore be controlled

– with the button

– with the command station

– In both cases, the light indicating the status of the accessory is updated (i.e. when the turnout is moved either with the command station or the push buttons, the light indicates the correct direction).

The illustration shows the example of a turnout, of course, but it also works great with a signal or other accessory. For each decoder, consisting of a KB800-L and another turnout or signal module, up to 8 push buttons with light and 4 signals or turnouts with 2 positions each can be controlled.

The KB800-L is designed to operate Helvest pushbuttons with backlighting, but can also be connected to any other type of pushbuttons and bulbs or LEDs that can be operated with 12 V voltage.

KB800-L is therefore the right opportunity to update your control panel.

A final interesting possibility is the introduction of the innovative MVnet system: this will make it possible to combine an accessory module and a KB800-L module not necessarily on the same HP100, but also at very distant points on the layout. In this way, the buttons can be used not only for local accessories, but also for distant ones.


This greatly improves simplification and shunting possibilities.

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