New KB800 pushbutton module

New KB800 pushbutton module

KB800 is the novelty that allows you to combine your digital DCC station with your beautiful and practical analogue control panel.

Do you want to combine the opportunities of digital with an analogue control panel? Maybe because you run your system automatically on the computer but want to operate in a small freight yard with an on-site control panel? Or maybe because you have a large station and don’t want to give up your nice big control panel? Helvest has just the right innovation for these situations.

Thanks to the FleX system you can assemble a decoder that manages 4 accessories of any type (turnouts or signals) in DCC, and in parallel add the KB800 module that allows you to control the 4 accessories also via push buttons. In the figure, for simplicity, two are represented.
In this way DCC and buttons work together, and you can use both systems.

All, of course, with Helvest simplicity: you need an HP100 motherboard, a DCC100 module, any Layout module, and the KB800 module. You plug the four elements together as shown in the picture, program just the address, and the decoder is ready to use!

The module is expected to be available from December 2021.

Do you want to know more about the innovative Helvest Flex system? Click here for more information!

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