The SM400 servo module

The SM400 servo module

The Helvest range is now enriched by a module for the control of servo motors. These are widely used in model railway construction to move points, but also level crossings, doors and various other devices.

SM400 is a layout module that controls up to 4 servo motors, therefore up to 8 servo motors can be moved with each decoder.

With SM400:

  •  You can move up to 4 servo motors and you can individually program the speed, the start position and the end position of each motor.
  • You can feel reassured: The board is equipped with an innovative motor control that prevents any instability in case of a stuck or incorrectly set motor.
  • Thanks to the Flex system, you can assemble decoders that control servos and other motor types or servos and signals by combining two different layout modules without programming problems.
  • The SM400 is also extremely easy to program and configure: You plug the module into the HP100 board, and the board recognises it understanding that it needs to move servos. After that, you just need to program a few CVs in DCC for the address, the start and end position and the motor speed.


The module will be available from November 2021.


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