Driving Kato turnouts with Helvest decoder

Driving Kato turnouts with Helvest decoder

The Kato turnouts * are very popular among N scale users, and can be operated with a Helvest decoder for your digital layout.

These turnouts have a rather peculiar movement, with a coil driven by only two wires. This is not a problem: To move them, you only need to use a “UPW400” module, which can be plugged into the Helvest “Flex” system. Or if you prefer a complete decoder, use the “two-wire” decoder. (Available in the shop)

There is only one important requirement: in order not to overstress either the motors or the decoder, the activation time must be reduced. In DCC you must program the time CVs with the value 2.

If you want to quickly select the time of all your outputs, program the following:

in CV 37 the value 2 (for turnouts 1 to 4)

in CV 38, value 2 (for switches 5 to 8).

Reliability has, as always, been thoroughly tested.

* registered trademark of a third party

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