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The DCC100-E is a DCC board with a separate power supply. If you use this module, you can supply the HP100 motherboard with any power supply (e.g. 16 V AC from any transformer), and connect the DCC to this board only. This is the recommended solution for large layouts: the decoder does not draw power from the control unit, it only reads the instructions it receives.

With this module, the board becomes a DCC decoder and communicates with all types of DCC digital devices to operate accessories, and can be programmed via any control unit in the usual way. Due to the flex system, the decoder can drive different accessories depending on the layout modules installed.

Through the CVs all the normal configuration functions are possible according to the different “layout” modules. Programming confirmation and CV reading are possible without any external connection.

If you need more information, you can find a tutorial to help you choose the products, with a list of driven actuators. If you have any questions, you can write us. More information about the decoder power supply can be found in this article.


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