Complete DCC/NMRA decoder for 8 “two-wires” turnouts

CHF 64.90

Complete decoder to drive up “two-wire” actuators for switches. It works with NMRA DCC protocol with NMRA certification, it is compatible with all DCC control units.

It operates switches by supplying 12V DC current by reversing polarity, with a maximum of 500 mA.

Examples of motors that can be operated: Conrad*, Tortoise*, Fulgurex* and others, if in doubt please write us!

Configuration and use are very simple. Programming does not require any additional components.

If you prefer more complex configurations (only 4 outputs or combination with other accessories) you can purchase the separate modules in the dedicated sections of the site. For any questions or information about this product please do not hesitate to contact us!

* Third party trademarks, property of their respective owners.

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