Complete DCC/NMRA decoder for 8 solenoid turnouts/accessories (external power)

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Complete decoder for switching up to 8 turnouts operated by electromagnetic coils. NMRA certified DCC protocol, compatible with all DCC control units.

Coil operation is the most common method of switching turnouts. With this decoder you can activate most of the coils on the market, provided they are suitable for digital operation.

Examples of compatible motors: Peco* PL10-W, Roco* Line, Märklin* C, Fleischmann* 640000, Piko* A, Kato* Unitrack and others, if in doubt write us!

Configuration and operation are very simple. No additional components are required for programming.

This decoder must be powered by an external DC or AC source (14-20 V).

If you prefer more complex configurations (4 outputs only or combination with other accessories), you can buy the modules separately in the appropriate sections of the site. If you have any questions or need information about this product, please contact us!

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